How does the process work?

  • Contact me via email at [email protected] or through my facebook page at
  • I will then send you a questionnaire to fill out along with details about what to expect.
  • We will then coordinate a session and take same magical images.
  • Next, you get to see your images (once I've had some time to prepare your photos, we will sit down to review them together) 
  • Order products
  • Products Delivered
  • Enjoy!

My dog isn't the best trained, can we still have a photo session?

Of course! There are a couple of options. First we can try and do our session in a location where your dog can be off leash but is in an enclosed space. We can also photograph your pet with leash on. Through the magic of photoshop, we can remove those leashes and make your fur-baby look stunning. I  recommend that you exercise your dog prior to the session so they can be a little more relaxed. You should also plan to bring your pups favorite toys and treats to aid in getting your dog's focus.

My dog gets really nervous with people and cameras, can we still have a photo session?

When you contact me, I'll have you answer some questions about your pet. If necessary, we can shoot your session at your home (if possible) where your pup is most comfortable. Also, I can photograph from a distance. Some dogs are afraid of the camera, by photographing at a distance we can make your furry family member more comfortable.

When do you do photo sessions?

Contact me for availability. 

Where can I have a session?

Photo sessions can be booked locally within New Hampshire. I do most sessions outside where dogs can be dogs but studio sessions can be accommodated as well. I'll work with you to figure out the best setting for your pup. I can recommend some really great locations if you aren't sure where you'd like to go. Please note, there may be an added fee for extended travel time. 

My session is booked, do I need to prepare anything?

I recommend that you exercise your pup prior to our session. Doggies are much more relaxed if they've had an opportunity to let out some energy. Of course, don't overdo it! We don't want your dog to be sleeping during our session!  

Please bring some treats and your pets favorite toys. These will help to get his attention during the session. 

Be prepared to be an active participant at the photo session, by helping to keep your pup under control and posing. 

If possible, please choose a leash/color that matches closely with your dogs color. This is helpful if I have to remove a leash later. Don't worry if you don't have one. I have a few we can use if needed.  Please avoid harnesses whenever possible. While these can make your dog easier to handle, they are more problematic during the photo editing phase. Of course, if you want the harness visible in photos, by all means leave it on. 

You should also be thinking about the types of photos you'd like to get. Do you have a special look you are interested in? Do you want to be in the photos as well? Feel free to look through my gallery or facebook page for ideas. 

I have more than one dog, can we do the two of them together?

Yes, of course. I know most of you have more than one doggie family member. There is a $25 charge per additional dog (over 2) for the session fee. It is best to bring along another person to the photo session to help handle them both. 

How long before I can see photos?

I try to get photos ready within two weeks whenever possible. If you have a specific deadline, let me know in advance and I will try and meet it. 

What products can I order?

Please review the pricing page for all product offerings. I will have samples of each for you to look at during our in person consult. If you are looking for something I don't currently have listed, please let me know and I can help find it. I want you to have products you'll love and cherish. 

My dog is very ill, can we have a photo session asap?

I will do my best to accommodate for this situation by scheduling something as quickly as possible. I want you to have lasting memories of your best friend.