Passionate about producing images that inspire JOY

Meet my Bogey, above. He is one of two dogs that grace my household in New Hampshire with their unconditional love, deep loyalty and silliness. 

I know from experience how much joy dogs bring to life. I see and feel the bond between dog and human with every client I meet. It’s my goal to capture the love you have for your pet. This work is very rewarding, from the first meeting to getting to know their unique temperament and photographing them in a way that best highlights that. 

Every pet is unique, so your pet’s portrait should be, too.

Some dogs, like Bogey, are patient and will pose regally for a portrait. Other dogs are at their best when catching a ball mid-air, or when time is frozen in the middle of a full-body tail wag. Some are sweetly angelic in repose. Some have a signature expression that only they can do. 

Whatever your dog’s personality and unique charms, I will bring them out in beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime. 



Training by:

Nicole Begley

Charlotte Reeves

Kaylee Greer

Claudio Piccoli


Member of:

PPA (Professional Photographers of America)

NHPPA (NH professional Photographers Association)


Volunteer for:

The Greater Derry Humane Society